Instruments Mobilization & Setup – Day 2

Today we finalized the assembling of the CSEM system, mobilized and integrated the G-882 magnetometer system with the Hypack navigation system and the MagLog data logging software. We also mobilized and tested the Boston Whaler chase boat, which is owned and operated by the Natural Energy Laboratory. The role of the chase boat is to clear our survey track and to prevent fishing boats from crossing between the Huki Pono survey boat and the end of our Porpoise array (1 km in length).

Jake & Dallas assembling one of the Porpoise frames.
Dallas adding the GPS mast to the CTD frame.
Eric & Dallas discussing the survey geometry.
The G-882 marine magnetometer lying on the deck.
Chase boat
Our Boston Whaler chase boat berthing next to the Huki Pono survey boat.
The harbor turtle came to check-out our operation.

Tomorrow we plan to calibrate the multi-beam system and hopefully start the survey, depending on weather conditions as it is quite windy, due to hurricane Olivia that currently passes nearby the Island.

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