The Survey Continues​

Today, we continued our survey starting from Kiholo Bay that is located approximately 29 km north of Kailua-Kona. After 2 hours of transit to the survey starting point, we deployed the multi-beam transducer, followed by the deployment of the Porpoise CSEM system and the G-882 magnetometer. To make our Porpoise array more visible to the regional boats, we added 2 small buoys within the 250 m Porpoise spacing and one large red fender at the end of the array. All data types were collected along a 15 km profile. We resolved minor technical issues on the fly.

The view of the Hualalai volcano from the Huki Pono survey boat.
IMG_0618 2
Brenden Deploys the G-882 magnetometer, which follows the boat 30 m behind at 6 m water depth.
IMG_0631 2
We all waiting for a green flash at sunset time, which came and looked phenomenal.



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