Multiple Data Acquisition​ ​

Today we acquired the following datasets: Electrical (CSEM), Magnetic (magnetometer), seafloor Multi-beam (MBES)/Backscatter, and Magnetometer data. The survey got into its own rhythm, where all crew members are working in synergy, making the operation to feel nearly effortless and all done in good spirit! I thank the survey crew members for all of their hard work! as well as Jason & Emily that are doing an excellent job in operating the chase boat, protecting our Porpoise array from transient fishing and leisure boats.

Admiral chart navigational map superimposed by the survey track, representing the multiple data acquisition over the last 2 survey days.
Real-time magnetic anomaly detection, as observed in the data stream coming from the G-882 magnetometer, and displayed on the Hypack system.
Brenden discusses Jason about the optimization process of the MBES data acquisition.

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