Surveying the Kiholo Bay Area

Our survey operation is improving daily, where the time for deployment & recovery of the CSEM, MBES, and Magnetometer systems are getting shorter. Thus, we can cover more area in the 14 hours of daily operation. Yesterday and Today we are surveying the north section of our survey area, starting from the Kiholo Bay where previous studies measured a substantial influx of groundwater into this Bay.

Data collection coverage along the northern section of the survey area.
Power spectrograms showing the E-Field signal as recorded by each one of the Porpoises in days 4 and 5 of the survey. Note the decade in the signal as a function of the offset from the CSEM transmitter and transmitted Amps. The distinctive bands represent the strongest harmonics of waveform-D (3 Hz, 7 Hz, 13 Hz) that is used in this survey.

The images in the mosaic above show some various examples of the unprocessed MBES data. Note the variability in seafloor bathymetry at the surveyed area.

Logging of multi-beam backscatter water column data using Hypack.
Jason, Khaira, and Eric are discussing water column Multi-beam data, whereas Patrick is operating the G-882 magnetometer system.
Ike Wai Day 6 Screenshot_01
Recording of the magnetic data streamed from the G-882 magnetometer. The data is logged using Geometrics MagLog software.
Our captain Max is enjoying the calm transit to Kiholo Bay.

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