CSEM System Packing & Demobilazation

The backbone of the surface-towed CSEM system used in this survey are the Porpoise electric field receivers. We used a 1 km array with 4 Porpoises; each named after a fish that starts with the letter P: Parrotfish, Pike, Pompano, and Perch.

Data loggers of the Porpoise surface-towed receivers, and their associated fish.

The packing & demobilization of the CSEM system took us 6 hours, primarily because of the extreme heat at the honokohau harbor.

With the help of Max, Brenden, Khaira and Keven, we got the CSEM system all packed  before sunest, and even managed to celebrate the succesful completion of the survey at  “the bar without a Poproise”.

Yes, there is actually a bar by that name in Kona.

Thank you all for following our survey blog!

Eric & the Survey Team


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