Surveying along Kailua-Kona

In the last 2 days, we mainly surveyed south of the Honokohau Harbor to avoid the high swell generated by Hurrican Olivia that passes the island. In the first day, to transit from the Northern area of our survey to the Southern part, we had to cross parallel to the Honokohau Harbor, thus limiting the boat traffic coming in and out of the harbor. With the help of our survey boat, the transition went smoothly.

In the second day, we surveyed along Kailua-Kona (well sheltered from wind and swell) the 30m and 50m depth counter lines. Both days of the survey were successful! As all operated according to plan, and multiple datasets were collected. Today we decided to idle the operation due to the weather. Our survey operation will resume on the 13th.

A map showing the survey coverage to date. Survey tracks are illustrated by multi-beam data projection.
A sample of unprocessed MBES data.
Vertical profiles of the measured Sound Velocity, Salinity, and Conductivity.
Jason & Khaira performing a sound velocity (SVP) measurement.
The 1 km Porpoise array nicely aligned with our survey boat. At the end of the array you can see the chase boat.
The terrestrial​ ends of lava tubes, as observed while surveying along the 30m depth contour​ line, south of Kailua-Kona.
Sometimes the view while surveying isn’t that bad. Note the proximity to the coastline as we tow the array along the 30m depth counter line.
A family of Dolphins accompanied us during the transit to Kiholo Bay.

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